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I've been doing commissions for the last 7+ years, and it's one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career. I love to work with others and create something that they will cherish forever. If you would like a custom digital painting from me, I would be absolutely more than honored and committed to being your artist.


The following rates are for a one-time unique design. It

Commission Prices

£150 $185 €166

Inked to perfection for your ideal tattoo, T-Shirt Design or cover art. One of a kind special design, in a style you won't find anywhere else.


Enjoy complex designs in our own style and always pushing the bar for something greater. You give us an idea and we will take it to a whole new level of Fantasy Madness!


Commission Prices

£40 $50 €45

Seeking an artist to draw your wifu? Looking for an original character? Maybe you want to have some manga fanart! Whatever you seek I can try my hardest to draw it. 


Hentai Manga Art



Ms. L Smith

Night frost Studios have always had their own unique style, and following it over the years has never ceased to amaze. You're going far my friend, keep it up

Terms & Conditions

Be aware that a one-off custom design can take somewhere from between a week to a month, depending on the level of detail required and the hours of work needed to complete the design. But will do all I can to get your design completed in time.


We offer a monthly/weekly payment plan, to spread the cost, starting with a £50 $60 €55 non-refundable deposit required up front that's not included as the asking price of the package, to guarantee you a spot on the waitlist. 


Only once payment has been made in full the final design will be sent out to you. I ONLY accept PayPal payments

A copy of your digital design will be sent to you by E-mail. The format of the digital design will be in a PNG file to preserve the quality of the design with a resolution of between 300 and 600 DPI


We ask you kindly not to use the designs for commercial use unless permission has been granted by the artist. 

Please be aware that I do not draw full-body figure designs. And I do not offer concept arts or paintings due to the length it takes to complete. But I can add some color to your designs. 

If you change your mind after the design is completed and wish to make any changes you will have to pay extra. 

If you would like to have your design printed weather on a Tshirt, Canvas or poster please let me know and I can sort something out but you will be charged for delivery and printing.

You'll get screenshots from start to finish to see the work that has been made and to allow you to make any changes along the way before the design is completed. But if you change your mind and wish a different design or change the entire design after agreeing to it you will have to pay the full amount for both designs as it is time-consuming. 





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