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There's beauty behind the madness, darkness within the light, and fantasy behind the reality. Explore the great wonders of my dark imagination.


DARK Secret Desires

Beautiful erotic Illustrations of desirable women that inspire love & passion. They are glorious, radiant, spectacular, unperfect dazzling beauties.

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Mr. J Foster

Amazing, he did a family picture for me and I told him just go wild with it as was a surprise for my wife and we were god smack, the detail the effort he put into it just could not help just check every detail of the picture, def blew my mind how gorgeous it was. I like his work he's doing another picture and a T-shirt which I can't wait to wear it. He gives you different ideas and each one is great, he can change pictures as he wants to please the customer and always updates you on how it's going, def appreciate the detail.....one 100% happy customer 



Adrian Nightfrost Foster

I am Adrian Foster, chief illustrator, and owner of Nightfrost Studios. My signature style is a dark fantasy style an incredible amount of attention to detail that breathes life into my Illustrations. The focus I put into each piece shines throughout my entire portfolio.I've worked hard to surpass my own limits and always try to create something new and spectacular. My digital illustrations have quickly grown in popularity and gained attention on social media, rocketing first to 10,000 views and snowballing to a massive 200,000+. I've had some of the biggest Facebook pages and websites share examples of my work, including The Het Nationale Ballet - Dutch National Ballet and National Geographic. As with any progressive artist, my style continued and continues to evolve. Mixing my ballpoint pen style with digital painting to now creating digital ink illustrations with a graphic comic style. Since using this hybrid style, I have gained more clients and more attention on social media. With such a high level of demand on my Illustrations, I am fulfilling a dream that I held for many years, working as an illustrator creating unique, one of a kind piece of dark fantasy art for many happy clients.


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