Harley Quinn

Lolita Harley Quinn Fanart Illustration

Suicide Squad was one of the most criticized movies yet in the Batman Franchise so to speak due to the storyline and Joker after being hyped up for so long. Especially since the last joker to hit the screen was played by Heath Ledger who gave us the most epic performance. The only leading character to really stand out was Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. Her take on Harley has left thousands of girls trying to imitate her on speech and even fashion style as it had a modern approach than the typical Harley Quinn jester costume.

I wanted to create my own version of Harley Quinn yet still keeping it close to the movie. I simply had to go for a lolita pinup girl style that showed attitude but as a teenager rather than an adult. I still wanted to give her a sexy look but without overdoing it and gave her a doll face look as I was inspired by Melanie Martinez's music video "Dollhouse" and by the DDLG community.