Silent Tears

Emotional Manga Page Illustration

For months all I heard about or saw was girls talking about their heartbreak. Either their boyfriend cheated on them or things didn't work out, and this was flooding through my news feed. I Was getting annoyed at seeing so many breakup posts, each one saying almost the same thing. They would explain their situation, and straight away people would comment things like "I'm always here if you wanna talk." Seeing this on a daily made me want to avoid social media in order not to read anymore. Some girls would still message me telling me about their breakup and relationship problems. Slowly I started to think about my first heartbreak. It almost destroyed me, I was left with depression for a few years. This happened years ago now, but seeing other people's broken heart brought those memories back. First loves (and first heartbreaks) are the hardest to overcome. ​

Rather than being rude or disrespectful, I actually spent time talking and helping the people I saw in pain. I tried to be someone they could lean on and tell their problems to, which is what lead me and inspired me to come up with this design illustration. I wanted everyone to connect on a deeper emotional level.

I love reading manga because I enjoy storytelling and the character's facial expression so I thought this was a great chance to create just one manga page, to express their emotions and story without much being said, letting the art speak for itself. I did this in the hope that other people would relate to the design on a deeper emotional level and connect with the design and understand a person's emotions.

I wanted to show the dark side of love, something being ripped out from your chest as you give your heart out to someone else.

Many gave their thoughts on this design and I was amazed at how many people related to this design, no longer feeling alone dealing with their pain. People began to share their heartbreaks and relate to one another, it made people really open up and communicate behind the sadness. Despite being my early days of Digital Art and not being a professional manga artist, I've had companies approach me even to this day wanting me to design something like this as they love the story and layout.