Neko Lilac

Hentai Neko Manga Illustration

My first proper attempt at an ecchi hentai illustration that was lived streamed at Twitch in front of 200 people. This incredible erotic lolita design had reached a massive 10,000 views within hours of being posted on Drawcrowds and 26,000 views on Facebook and selling over 1,000 prints, becoming one of the biggest sellers in my store even to this day as each week more and more people are buying it. ​

This design was influenced by a photo of Ashe Maree as I thought it was both beautiful and elegant that I simply had to draw it and had to change it to a manga style Illustration. I wanted to show vulnerability and softness submitting herself for the sake of love which is why I decided to give her an ahegao facial expression to show such desire, to give in to her pleasure and open herself like a rose petal.


Freelance Digital illustrator based in the UK. With over 7+ years of experience in the art industry providing excellent customer services and high quality content.  I take immense pride in what I do, being a small, independent Illustrator.



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