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Your Dirty Nightmare

Since the gaming press conference of the new "Cyberpunk 2077" game and the new Tesla Cybertruck, it seemed everyone was going crazy for cyberpunk. Originally I was just doing this as a character like a one-off Neko. But eventually, I was turning the design into a manga illustration the more I was working on it. By the time I was done with the main ink, I was having so much fun with the design that I ended up painting it and changed the background to make it edgier and give it more movement to the design so it doesn't look so still. 

Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was one of the most criticized movies yet Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie was the main reason people enjoyed her character, so much so that hundreds of people started to act and behave like her and even dress up as her. She became a sensational icon.


Because of that I wanted to do my own version of Harley Quinn but done in a mixture of pinup and anime since I wanted to make her look like a teenager. 


I started this illustration with the intention of making it into a magazine cover, as I really enjoy doing the cover art. I didn't want the red color to overpower the image, I wanted to keep the focus on the female form. The whole point was to keep the whole thing elegant and as close as possible to an actual magazine cover.


I think the title 'Iris' suits the design well. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris is known as the personification of the rainbow, and messenger of the Gods. I thought this was a perfect name because this magazine would touch on news and information about different things, including fashion, beauty, and even wonderful locations. I had in mind a magazine that would help you escape reality.

Silent Tears

For months all I heard about or saw was girls talking about their heartbreak. Either their boyfriend cheated on them or things didn't work out and it was flooding through my news feed. I was getting annoyed at seeing so many posts, each one saying almost the same thing. They would explain their situation, and straight away people would comment things like "I'm always here if you wanna talk." Seeing this on a daily basis made me want to avoid social media in order not to read anymore. Some girls would still message me telling me all about it. Slowly I started to think about my first heartbreak. It almost destroyed me, I was left with depression for a few years. This happened years ago now, but seeing other people's hearts broken brought it all back. First loves (and first heartbreaks) are the hardest to overcome.


Rather than being rude or disrespectful, I actually spent time talking and helping the people I saw in pain. I tried to be someone they could lean on and at the same time, I wanted to tell their story, which is what inspired this design. I wanted everyone to connect on a deeper emotional level. I've never done anything like this before so it was a challenge for me. I love reading manga because I enjoy storytelling so I thought this was a great chance to create just one manga page, to express their emotions through just facial expressions. I did this in the hope that other people would relate to the design on a deeper emotional level, by knowing and remembering their own heartbreaks and how it made them feel.


To know what it is like when you place all you have in their hands and hope they will look after it, and cherish each part of you that makes who you are. I got some amazing positive feedback and personally I think this was an interesting approach considering how good it made them feel about themselves, and that these girls weren't alone in that experience.


This was my first ever proper attempt in a Hentai Illustration which Streamed it on Twitch in front of 200 people. It was then posted on Drawcrowds which earned a massive 100,000 Views within hours and 26,000 views on Facebook and sold over 1,000 prints. 

This design was heavily influenced by a photo of Ashe Maree who inspired me to do the design. I gave the character an ahegao look since it was slowly becoming a trend compared to what it is now. 

© 2013 All Copyrights Reserved By Adrian Nightfrost Foster.

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