Erotic Fantasy Art

Your Dirty Nightmare

Since the gaming press conference of the new "Cyberpunk 2077" game and the new Tesla Cybertruck, it seemed everyone was going crazy for cyberpunk. Originally I was just doing this as a character like a one-off Neko. But eventually, I was turning the design into a manga illustration the more I was working on it. By the time I was done with the main ink, I was having so much fun with the design that I ended up painting it and changed the background to make it edgier and give it more movement to the design so it doesn't look so still. 

Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad was one of the most criticized movies yet Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie was the main reason people enjoyed her character, so much so that hundreds of people started to act and behave like her and even dress up as her. She became a sensational icon.


Because of that I wanted to do my own version of Harley Quinn but done in a mixture of pinup and anime since I wanted to make her look like a teenager.