Dark Ink Illustrations

Soul Collector

I was unfortunate to go through a really bad stage of depression that made me question life in general, trying to find meaning and reason as to why we are here. I've felt like a speck of paint on a large canvas. If I ceased to exist will anyone notice or remember me? Will my artwork fade away into the background till one day everything gets deleted?


I started to imagine what death would look like if he came to collect my soul. I wanted something more than a skull behind the cloak so I decided to make his horns seem almost like a crown, its as if it's part of him. I wanted something that would make him divine so I thought about the all-seeing eye like the Greek mythology Fates. I wanted to show like death was fading slowly through the wind like sand to give the feel of sands of time  

Jester Of Diamonds

I appear to be a most-fragile thing, The coveted prize of any great king; And still there’s little that can break me, All that pressure but serves to make me; The weight of the world upon me lies, Buried in dark, far from men’s eyes, My old self-nothing but blackest coal, Yet here to remain, be not the goal.


Worthy am I of the toil in finding, The symbol of love made true and binding. When I am pulled from the belly of night, None can equal my reflection of light. Steel bars I can cut, Jail doors stay not shut, For I was made, To prove love’s greatest might.


What am I?