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11.7×16.5 Digital Painting

I was unfortunate to go through a really bad stage of depression that made me question life in general, trying to find meaning and reason as to why we are here. I've felt like a speck of paint on a large canvas. If I ceased to exist will anyone notice or remember me? Will my artwork fade away into the background till one day everything gets deleted? We all go through that stage of depression and it's hard to get out. We imagine the worst in us but we never question who's there to take our soul. Some believe you will see the reapers, others think you will go either straight to heaven or hell, or you see nothing but emptiness, perhaps even roam around lonely in this world.

I started to imagine what death would look like if he came to collect my soul. I wanted something more than a skull behind a black cloak, I wanted to give it personality and meaning behind the terror of what awaits for us. I started to play around with the horn, I thought death should be seen as a king like a ruler of life and death. I wanted something that would make him divine so I thought about the all-seeing eye like the Greek mythology Fates. I wanted to show death fading slowly through the wind like sand to give the feel of sands of time. I played with the idea of the soul of how it would look to him that we cannot see.

Originally I was planning to turn this into cover art, and once I was done with the inking I was planning to leave it like a tattoo but a part of me wasn't satisfied with it, I wanted to bring something different and so I was looking into comics and came up with the idea of turning this into a graphic novel. I went with a dark cold pallet as I wanted to have that chilling sensation when death knocks upon your chamber doors.

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