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11.7×16.5 Digital Painting

Since the gaming press conference had announced the new "Cyberpunk 2077" game and the new Tesla Cybertruck, it seemed everyone was going crazy for cyberpunk. Since the Fashion Industry is also evolving and people are wanting to dress in a Cyberpunk fashion thanks to League of Legends, a new trend has emerged. I didn't have plans at first to do anything with the new trend since I like to follow my own path but I was greatly inspired by League Of Legends K/DA Pop/Star especially the character design Akali.

Originally I was just doing this as a character like a one-off ecchi Neko Illustration. But eventually, I was turning the design into a manga erotic illustration Page cover the more I was working on it. By the time I was done with the main ink, I was having so much fun with the design that I didn't want to end up with it. I came up with the design of the wolf by Akali's dragon on the Music video as it was a Neon outline of it, and I started to remember one of my old designs "Black Beauty" which was one of my most successful Illustrations. I wasn't sure if I wanted the demon wolf to be made alive or like a graffiti that blends into the background.

After I went back to some Cyberpunk Designs and discovered that Neon Light was heavily used I ended up painting it in bright colors something I don't normally do but I wanted to push myself and try something different. I eventually decided to paint the demonic wolf in the same style as the figure. I was being playful and edgy with the design to make this Illustration come alive and make it pop.

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