Dark Symbolic Illustration

Riddle me this... I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grows cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold.

What am I?

A friend of mine said they were thinking of getting a tattoo, and told me they were having a wolf done on their arm and showed me some pictures which I thought it looked rather cool. I've personally never attempted to draw a tattoo before but it was something that I was willing to give a try.

I started to think about all the things they like and bring out their personality at the same time adding my own twist to the design. Considering I've never done anything like this, I did try to simplify the design but I just kept on complicating things because at the end of the day it's how I am and secondly if someone was going to get a tattoo of one of my designs surely the tattoo artist would change it up.

To my surprise, they did like the illustration and wanted to get it done on their back. It also surprised me that it made a lot of T-Shirt Sales.