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Cyberpunk Fantasy Erotic Ecchi Illustration - Nightfrost Studios

Since the gaming press conference had announced the new "Cyberpunk 2077" game and the new Tesla Cybertruck, it seemed everyone was going crazy for cyberpunk. Since the Fashion Industry is also evolving and people are wanting to dress in a Cyberpunk fashion thanks to League of Legends, a new trend has emerged. I didn't have plans at first to do anything with the new trend since I like to follow my own path but I was greatly inspired by League Of Legends K/DA Pop/Star especially the character design Akali.


Originally I was just doing this as a character like a one-off ecchi Neko Illustration. But eventually, I was turning the design into a manga erotic illustration Page cover the more I was working on it. By the time I was done with the main ink, I was having so much fun with the design that I didn't want to end up with it. I came up with the design of the wolf by Akali's dragon on the Music video as it was a Neon outline of it, and I started to remember one of my old designs "Black Beauty" which was one of my most successful Illustrations. I wasn't sure if I wanted the demon wolf to be made alive or like a graffiti that blends into the background. 


After I went back to some Cyberpunk Designs and discovered that Neon Light was heavily used I ended up painting it in bright colors something I don't normally do but I wanted to push myself and try something different. I eventually decided to paint the demonic wolf in the same style as the figure. I was being playful and edgy with the design to make this Illustration come alive and make it pop.  

Cyberpunk Illustration

Your Dirty Nightmare


Magazine Cover Illustration

I started this Illustration with the intention of making it into a magazine cover, as I enjoy editorial and cover art, as it is one of my expertise. I chose to make this cover for a Fashion magazine. I wasn't so concerned about the painting itself but the actual structure of the magazine itself. My painting skills have not developed to what it is today but this still remains one of my most popular Illustrations due to its erotic beautiful natural looks. ​


I think the title "Iris" suits the design well. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris was known as the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the Gods. I thought this was a perfect name because this imaginative magazine would touch on news and information on different things, including fashion, beauty, and even hot spots. I had in mind a magazine that would help you escape reality and fall straight into your fantasy.

Iris Erotic Magazine Cover Illustration - Nightfrost Studios
Harley Quinn Lolita DDLG Illustration - Nightfrost Studios

Harley Quinn

Lolita Harley Quinn Fanart Illustration

Suicide Squad was one of the most criticized movies yet in the Batman Franchise so to speak due to the storyline and Joker after being hyped up for so long. Especially since the last joker to hit the screen was played by Heath Ledger who gave us the most epic performance. The only leading character to really stand out was Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie. Her take on Harley has left thousands of girls trying to imitate her on speech and even fashion style as it had a modern approach than the typical Harley Quinn jester costume.


I wanted to create my own version of Harley Quinn yet still keeping it close to the movie. I simply had to go for a lolita pinup girl style that showed attitude but as a teenager rather than an adult. I still wanted to give her a sexy look but without overdoing it and gave her a doll face look as I was inspired by Melanie Martinez's music video "Dollhouse" and by the DDLG community.

Neko Lilac

Hentai Neko Manga Illustration

My first proper attempt at an ecchi hentai illustration that was lived streamed at Twitch in front of 200 people. This incredible erotic lolita design had reached a massive 10,000 views within hours of being posted on Drawcrowds and 26,000 views on Facebook and selling over 1,000 prints, becoming one of the biggest sellers in my store even to this day as each week more and more people are buying it.  ​


This design was influenced by a photo of Ashe Maree as I thought it was both beautiful and elegant that I simply had to draw it and had to change it to a manga style Illustration. I wanted to show vulnerability and softness submitting herself for the sake of love which is why I decided to give her an ahegao facial expression to show such desire, to give in to her pleasure and open herself like a rose petal.

Neko Hentai Lilac Manga Illustration - Nightfrost Studios
Emotional Manga Page Lolita Illustration - Nightfrost Studios

Silent Tears

Emotional Manga Page Illustration

For months all I heard about or saw was girls talking about their heartbreak. Either their boyfriend cheated on them or things didn't work out, and this was flooding through my news feed. I Was getting annoyed at seeing so many breakup posts, each one saying almost the same thing. They would explain their situation, and straight away people would comment things like "I'm always here if you wanna talk." Seeing this on a daily made me want to avoid social media in order not to read anymore. Some girls would still message me telling me about their breakup and relationship problems. Slowly I started to think about my first heartbreak. It almost destroyed me, I was left with depression for a few years. This happened years ago now, but seeing other people's broken heart brought those memories back. First loves (and first heartbreaks) are the hardest to overcome. ​


Rather than being rude or disrespectful, I actually spent time talking and helping the people I saw in pain. I tried to be someone they could lean on and tell their problems to, which is what lead me and inspired me to come up with this design illustration. I wanted everyone to connect on a deeper emotional level.


I love reading manga because I enjoy storytelling and the character's facial expression so I thought this was a great chance to create just one manga page, to express their emotions and story without much being said, letting the art speak for itself. I did this in the hope that other people would relate to the design on a deeper emotional level and connect with the design and understand a person's emotions.


I wanted to show the dark side of love, something being ripped out from your chest as you give your heart out to someone else. 


Many gave their thoughts on this design and I was amazed at how many people related to this design, no longer feeling alone dealing with their pain. People began to share their heartbreaks and relate to one another, it made people really open up and communicate behind the sadness. Despite being my early days of Digital Art and not being a professional manga artist, I've had companies approach me even to this day wanting me to design something like this as they love the story and layout.

© 2013 All Copyrights Reserved By Adrian Nightfrost Foster.

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