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My cousin is a big fan of my work, she loves it so much she asked me if I would draw her as it would mean a lot to her. I thought for a special surprise I would draw a portrait of her, since she has always been supportive of my work.​​

I didn't want to do your typical portrait and so I had the idea of drawing her inner animal, and see if I could merge the two together. She has got beautiful eyes, and has Native American features. This made me think of a wolf for her design.​​

I wanted her eyes to sparkle and captivate the viewer, which is why I went for gentle purple colouring, both on her and the wolf's eyes. This pulls the two together, shows the connection, and emphasises the eyes. I went with the paint splatter as I wanted to create a watercolour ink effect and have something wild, elegant and beautiful yet still rough and mysterious. Originally I wasn't going to put a blush on her but the colour made her face stand out a bit more giving it a more innocent angelic look, and creates a proper balance between them. 


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