Black Beauty








People  request wolf designs a lot since the popularity of "the Wolf's Spirit." I prefer to focus on other areas, but it seemed like people were only interested in me drawing wolves! I became obsessed with trying to create a design that would overtake "The Wolf's Spirit" and "Samurai" popularity, as they had the most views and shares  at the time. I wanted to do something that would be mind blowing.​

I wanted to know what the obsession was with wolves. "They are beautiful, elegant, powerful, mysterious animals." they said. Upon hearing that, I thought of a beautiful woman. As both wolves and women have that captivating grace and otherworldly mystery about them. ​I wanted to portray her vulnerability, exposing her  back does this really well. I wanted to make it look like she was going change and embrace her inner wolf, that she may seem delicate on the outside yet strong on the inside. I had to make sure the wolf wasn't too aggressive but instead really gentle, and at the same time it guards her back like her protector.​

The design created a storm on Facebook community. People even changed their profile pictures to this design. I had some great pages sharing my design, it had 90,181 views with a massive 1,350 shares making it my second most successful design. "Samurai" now sits at third place after many years . So far nothing has beaten "Wolf's Spirit" but I am extremely proud of the popularity of this design.





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Black Beauty

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