A Wolf's Spirit



This design has become the main mark for my  success so far. The day it was published it made over 15,000 views in the first couple of hours.  within a week it stood at over 35,000 views and in 2 weeks it managed to reach a massive 100,000 views. It is now over 200,000 views.

The design has been published on hundreds of pages and one of the biggest page "The National Geographic Channel". The design has had over 4,000 shares and a massive 698 likes to date. Before publishing this design, my page had 1,000 likes. Within hours of publishing, this increased massively to over 2,500 likes, and my other designs were getting a lot of attention too.​​

Amazingly, this was my first digital wolf painting. I did every line of hair individually and slowly built it up so it would look as close as possible to the real thing.

The design itself took me 18 hours, from start to finish. I was still very new to digital painting then, and I approached each design like an actual drawing. I paid very close attention to every detail. The reason I did this was because I was thinking of how it would look on a billboard or on a T-shirt, something big or small, I didn't want any of the details to be lost.​​


After much practice I've improved and can work more quickly. It helps that I now have a better quality graphics tablet to work on. The first graphics tablet I owned was a  "Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet." When I compare it to my current "Wacom Intuos Pro," I can see a big difference in performance and how quickly I can make a design. Back then, the pressure sensitivity wasn't that great, the size was small and the screen didn't respond all that well. Technology has come such a long way since then.




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